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With SSL and a CDN

WordPress and Multisite


WordPress is the most successful (CMS) Content Management System on the internet. One third of all websites on the internet are WordPress. The success of WordPress can be contributed to the vast army of programmers who develop plugins for it.

(SSL) Secure Socket Layer is becoming a major ranking factor by Google. Customers are also becoming much more aware of its importance. Browsers are now warning the viewer not to enter personal information into forms unless the secure padlock is visible in the address bar.

(CDN) Content Distributed Network  and  caching will speed up your site.


WordPress has the capability to have multiple website instances that can have their own Domain Name and content. With all of them managed from the original WordPress install.

This is just what marketers need when they want a network of sites selling different products. Each site is then ranked higher by Google because it is product specific.

Multisite is not recommended for just two or three sites. If however you have more than three sites, you need to look at Multisite and Multi Network.

Imagine installing and activating plugins and themes across 100 sites with just 2 clicks!