WordPress Theme Creation is what I do!

I build and repair WordPress websites in Kelowna, BC. Auditing your site will find broken links, solve load issues and this will speed up your site. I can also automate your social media feeds, tweets and postings. Problems with your present website? My flat rate is $60/hr so give me a call today!
  You could have a Custom WordPress site like this one, for as little as $688.
Includes: Extended Customizer to edit from your front end. Includes four page templates.


Site Audit

Every website needs to have a site audit done. Auditing checks for broken links, empty alt tags and load speed. Using free or low cost Content Distributed Networks (CDNs) will make your website faster—is all part of the service I offer.

site-audit     Speed up site loading


Option for our $199 yearly Service Package: Social Media campaign/monitoring and your website backed up offsite. Includes one restore of your website’s database.


Why not set-up a Google and Facebook ad campaign to get more customers?
Please contact me if you have any questions about Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads.

Google allows you to put your ad in front of someone who is actively looking for your product.
Facebook allows you to target your audience based on gender, hobbies, age and a whole lot more.

Using PPC ads are the best way of targeting a specific market or regional area. You can even use specific tags/pixels (tracking code) to nail down your focused target group.



Using the data gained from PPC analytics will increase your knowledge of your market, you then can use your advertising dollars more wisely.




Broad Match Modified: is a great way generating a large volume of ads but has a poor CTR. It is great for researching new phrases people are using in searches but, can be very costly.

Phrase Match: Allows for additional words as a prefix and text following your exact phrase. You still must use a Negative Keyword List to control your costs, improve CTR and your Quality Score. Phrase Match clicks will cost more than Broad Match in the bidding price.

Exact Match: means just that, an exact match. This means you will not need to use a Negative Keyword List. The exact match will generate the highest CTR and CPC.

It is important to use all of the above matching methods correctly in your AdWords campaigns.

Ad Groups should be organized into “themed keywords”. People buy on the internet based on desire, benefits and lastly features. Your ads also need to match their landing page content. Do not just have everyone going to your homepage. Ad pricing is based on competitive bidding and your Quality Score (Quality Score is based on CTR and Ad/Landing Page relevancy).


Product Photography

Gallery Coming Soon!
product Photography Samples

My second love is photography

—so yes, I have way to much equipment!

  • I will come out to your location for onsite photography
    (full frame 6D camera, portable battery packs for lighting and screens to control lighting and unwanted reflections)
  • Images will be professionally enhanced in photoshop
  • Images will be optimized for the internet.
  • Never copy images off the internet (Yes, Getty Images would love to sue you! No, they do not just ask you to remove their image.)



YouTube Video Productions


I will produce short professional hd videos with quality audio.

  • I have some of the newest equipment on the market
  • I can even record slow motion (300 frames/sec)
  • Sony professional wired and wireless microphones
  • Green screen and special effects
  • Lower third professional post production work