Mobile Device Friendly, Responsive Web Designs

Web design has come a long ways since framed pages and html 4.
Today we expect not just a static site, but a way of interacting with your audience; building relationships.
By 2014 half of web page visitors will be viewing your site on a mobile device.
This takes special planning and compliance with the new css and html standards.
Is your website ready?
Change the width of your browser and you will see this site's images and content change size and position. It will look great on any device! Stop losing business and give us a call today.

Image of park

An Image Speaks a Thousand Words.

Images will make or break your site. If visitors do not see something they like in 3 seconds they are gone. Can you afford not to have a professional photographer as part of your web design team? I take great pride in taking and processing images for the web. Great photos do not just happen. You will be working directly with the site designer & photographer and not a commissioned sales person.