Ranking on Search Engines

Google is not the only search engine but it is by far the most important and smartest. If you want traffic to your website or blog, getting Google ranking is the answer. And how do you do this, you may ask—simple, Google is a business like any other, it wants more business and it does this by being the smartest. You should read all about SEO but the one thing to remember is all the experts agree: Google is the leader because it does what it does, better than all the rest. Understanding SEO must start with understanding how search engines work and the simple answer is that they are stupid. There, I said it! Search engines need all the help you can give them to understand what they are crawling. The more help you give them, the better you will rank. Structured data, is one of the keys of helping Google understand your site. Another new search requirement from Google is responsive design. Start thinking about Google's needs. It needs to send searchers to sites that are easy to view, load fast, are easy to navigate, and have great content that is relative to the search. Every chance you get to aid bots in the indexing of your site use it—to your advantage. Every image needs to use the alt tag, every video needs a title tag and you need to realize that this is the only way the search engines have of understanding. Yes, they are getting smarter (especially Google) and Google will read most pdfs, xml files and it does look a sentence structure. The quickest way of having a bot not index content is if it has already indexed this content some where else. Bam! Penalty and no more deep indexing. Google needs to understand what your site is all about. You need to tell it. Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter and all the other social media channels that mention your site help Google to put your site in context—you need to think about your posts, site content, tweets etc. in regards of how Google will understand them.

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