Photoshop Tutorial: Sharpen Image for a HDR look.

Photoshop Tutorial:

Add interest to your image with a “Grunge-HDR” look.

This is a quick tutorial to show this technique using Photoshop CS5.
Lori original

    1. First open image in Photoshop and duplicate the background layer twice.

duplicated background

    1. Next change background copy to High Pass filter layer and adjust High Pass depending on picture. I used a Radius of 27 pixels which is a very high setting for sharpening and set the blending mode to Overlay . I then desaturated the layer to get a better result and you can even duplicate the layer to sharpen the image more.



High Pass

blending mode-

blending modes



duplicate High Pass Layer

    1. Next I made a vector mask to keep the sunglasses from being over sharpened and desaturated. This mask is accomplished with having the top most layer (background copy 2) selected and click on the mask button on the bottom of the layers panel, with the alt key depressed. This gives you a black mask that you can then use a paintbrush with white colour to reveal only the sunglasses on this layer letting the rest of image to be sharpened by High Pass layer(s) and desaturated by the adjustment layer (as described last).

vector mask

With black vector mask selected paint white with a hard paintbrush over sunglasses on image (see small clear circle on glasses).

    1. Lastly I created an adjustment layer by selecting the original bottom background image layer and clicking on the round half black and half white circle at the bottom of the layers panel. Then from the adjustment panel select Hue/Saturation and turn down the saturation slider to get the effect you want.

saturation adjustment layer

saturation reduced

Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial on making a grunge look photo pop!

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