Your Image and SEO

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Your Social Media Image and SEO

Your internet image as with your business image is all about leaving the right impression. SEO used to be all about link building—the more links the better. The wrong links can now hurt you. Now, it is about quality of those links. SEO is changing very quickly and that change is being led by social media. The more engaged you are the better you will rank on the search results. How do you engage on the internet? Social media is the key to further growth of your online “authority”. This authority will decide how search engines view and rank your content. Authorship will become the new buzz and authority will rule the rankings.

Building authority will take time so you need to start now! Understanding “Google Authorship” and “AuthorRank” will help you to boost your visibility which increases leads and generates conversions.

Social media is all about engaging your viewers so you need multiple streams to feed into your “money” site. The starting point for many is their Facebook page. Building content and getting “likes” is just the starting point. Twitter is an excellent tool to bring new viewers to your site or ¬†Facebook page.

Google+ is growing fast and for business is going to be a better choice than Facebook because all of your content remains visible and can be used in links without worrying if those links will stay up or not. You should however be using your social media sites to — drive traffic to your website.

On your website make it easy for visitors to “like” “+1” or “tweet” about your content. Use a simple plugin that they can click their approval and up your authority… it is all that simple, the main thing to take away from this is: start now!


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