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Samples of Websites I’ve optimized that ranked in #1 position on Google/Bing for their targeted key search phrase:

Custom Themes | Kelowna Website Design | MADcoach | Kelowna E Ride | CNJ Lighting Solutions | Leone Industries | Kelowna Piano Lessons

Recent clients include:

  • AKHockey
  • theShareTeam

  • Site Audit

    site-audit     Speed up site loading

    Every website needs to have a site audit done. Checking for broken links, empty alt tags and load speed is all part of the service I offer. Getting onto the first page of Google is more than just getting links. Poor loading speed is one of the many factors Google looks at. Are you using CDNs and load balancing to improve your site’s loading speed? Are all your images optimized for the internet?




    Video Productions


    My YouTube Channel.



    Product Photography

    product Photography Samples


    Gallery coming soon!




    Photoshop Tutorials

    Lori original

    Add interest to your image with a “Grunge-HDR” look.

    Skin correcting tutorial coming soon!



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