Customer Support


Is your website or blog listening to your visitors?

When a customer comes looking for support the most important thing to remember is that the customer is upset. Customers want attention NOW! Do you have a 1-800 number? On-line chat? Customers do not want to fill in a form or email and wait... even if your response is quick -- it will never be quick enough.

With on-line chat you can fix their problem within minutes and make an unhappy customer into a loyal customer that just may tweet about your great service! A 1-800 number can also work wonders just having it on a website advertises the fact that they can reach support if required.

Phoning or emailing clients to check up on their status and are they happy about your product or service is another way of showing "the personal touch". In today's reality of twitter, Facebook and Google+ it is best to be proactive because it takes more work to repair your image from misunderstanding than it does to show your clients that you do care.