Automating Your Social Media

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  Social Media Automation I will be posting a series of articles dealing with automation of posts from the different platforms. This first post is to encourage the reader to think about the amount of time they spend re-posting and curating posts from others. This time could be better spent running your business or creating… continue reading »

Sample PhotoShop Work

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Custom Metal Texture created using Photoshop. A wisp of smoke from a stick of incense was changed into this metal texture. I love the way Photoshop can be used to create art not just edit images. With the use of layers and filters you can create textures for any project. The best thing about Photoshop… continue reading »

Ranking on Search Engines

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Google is not the only search engine but it is by far the most important and smartest. If you want traffic to your website or blog, getting Google ranking is the answer. And how do you do this, you may ask—simple, Google is a business like any other, it wants more business and it does… continue reading »

Search Engine Marketing

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Search Engine Marketing  SEM is a method of marketing using Search Engines which includes organic and paid results. Organic results are the free listings on search engines, while Paid Per Click (PPC) are the ads that often appear above and/or on a column to the right of the organic list. Organic results are listed in the… continue reading »

Your Image and SEO

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Your Social Media Image and SEO Your internet image as with your business image is all about leaving the right impression. SEO used to be all about link building—the more links the better. The wrong links can now hurt you. Now, it is about quality of those links. SEO is changing very quickly and that… continue reading »

Customer Support

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Is your website or blog listening to your visitors? When a customer comes looking for support the most important thing to remember is that the customer is upset. Customers want attention NOW! Do you have a 1-800 number? On-line chat? Customers do not want to fill in a form or email and wait… even if… continue reading »


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Pinterest is the most “shared” of the social sharing sites. 80% of Pinterest pins are repins. Which means it is the highest in shared content of all social sharing sites. Once something is pinned on Pinterest, it continues to get shared, this is what we call viral marketing. Images are easily posted and reposting is… continue reading »

Mobile Device Friendly, Responsive Web Designs

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Web design has come a long ways since framed pages and html 4. Today we expect not just a static site, but a way of interacting with your audience; building relationships. By 2014 half of web page visitors will be viewing your site on a mobile device. This takes special planning and compliance with the… continue reading »

Custom Themes brings solutions to your web presence!

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WordPress is the Number 1 Content Management System (CMS). With version release 3.x WordPress became more than a easy to use blog. It has now out paced all it’s competitors (Joomla and Drupal) in popularity, design, and ease of use. Strengths: Easy to use Large Community for free support Thousands of Free and pay for… continue reading »

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