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WordPress Theme Creation is what I do!

Including photos & videos

Complete Service


I build and repair WordPress websites in Kelowna. I always use a cloud VPS for security & speed. Site not loading fast enough? Have you optimized your images & code? Are you using: a VPS / caching / PHP 7 / gzip & a CDN?
There is more to setting-up a WordPress site than picking a theme and using a page editor.

Photos & Videos

Professional photos for your business website will help retain visitors and convert them to customers.

I will come to your business

Let me check-out your business and discuss how I can build you a WordPress site that will work for your business.

Green Padlock for Your site

Using SSL tells your customers you can be trusted and it's great for SEO! Visitors demand SECURITY above all else. Does your web designer know which tools hackers are using today?
If you are using shared hosting, your site is vulnerable to any malicious code on the shared server: Use a VPS.

every image tells a story

The truth is website visitors only scan your web page. Unless they see something they like, they are gone. Make every image tell a story.

low overhead = low cost

I work out of my home, no expensive office just my computers, cameras, lighting and my love for the internet.

One-on-one Training

Need some help getting up to speed with your website? I can show you what you need to know. No techno babble, just simple instructions to get the job done.

Ecommerce VPS setup with SSL start at $249. Hosting at $10/month

WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress that has exploded all over the internet. Just showing your products on-line will increase your search traffic and drive customers to your physical store! Everyone uses Google before they shop for anything.

Page load speed is important to analyze
Site audit to find coding issues