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Web Design

A Responsive WordPress site is all about changing the layout to fit the screen size of the browser. Your site will look great on a cell phone, tablet or desktop. All sites in the very near future will need to change to a responsive layout. There are now as many viewers using mobile devices as regular desktop computers.

Web design should present your content with as little clutter as possible to make your message stand out, not the design. Silly graphics and pictures of the family pet should be on your Facebook page, not part of your corporate branding.

A responsive site will help you get noticed for being a leader in your industry and presenting an image that shows professionalism and builds trust– first impressions do matter.


Search Engine Optimization is not an option if you want people to find your site on Google, it is a must have strategy. To be indexed and show up on the first page of the results does not just happen it is because your site is the best match based on SEO. There is basically two types of optimization, onsite and offsite.

Onsite optimization is about getting all your content indexed by Google and having the search engines understand what they have indexed.

Offsite optimization is about what links to your website. This includes having links on other sites, specially authority sites, having buzz in social media, press releases, trade journals and other media that helps get your site noticed. Search Engine Optimization takes time so lets start now!


All of our websites come with hosting, submissions to directories and a installed security module with offsite backups for peace of mind. We work with our clients to answer their questions and offer on-going marketing campaigns to rise above their competition.

Images on a website make the “first impression”. Your site needs professional photos to tell your story and to tell your visitors that you care about them the viewer.

Videos are by far the best investment for promoting your website. We offer high quality HD productions using Canon and JVC cameras with exceptionally clear audio by using Sony professional mics, Rolls mixer with Soundbooth and Premiere Pro / After Effects in post production.


Free services for non-profit organizations

We like to give back so, if your Church, Synagogue, Mosque, any place of worship or sports club, charity group or aboriginal organization requires a free WordPress website and hosting, I would like to get involved. Any non-profit group can apply and I will take on projects based on amount of free time I have. If all you need is information just send a detailed email and I will try to answer your questions as promptly as possible– please contact Chris Scott or phone: 250.681.7010

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