WordPress Custom Themes & Training

by: customthemes.ca

A Theme Made For Your Specific Content

The Internet is a big part who I am and what I do. I design easy to use, super fast loading WordPress websites using: PHP, HTML5, Bootstrap/Flexbox CSS3, and a sprinkling of Javascript/jQuery where needed. My other loves are social media, photography and video productions.

I was installing & repairing sites built by other developers. Now I build my own, based on the simple idea that: clients want an easier and more productive way to update their site.



I use: WooCommerce
for sites needing to display or sell products, because it looks great and is so easy to use!


WordPress Training

Would you like to be able to update your own content? If you already have a great site, and need to learn how to make simple changes to your content: I can help. WordPress was designed to be easy to update, unfortunately most themes have made this harder. Training is often required, which I can provide based on 2 hour session packages.

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