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What is a Custom WordPress Theme?

The simple explanation is, instead of trying to fit your content into a template, I build templates that fit your content.
I only build responsive mobile first designed sites. This website is a sample of what I do!

Reason # 1 for a Custom Theme

Imagine how easy it will be to update your own content on a template from your own custom theme! Simply go to the page you wish to edit in the administration area. Even the home page, (which on most frameworks is a complicated page to change) in our themes it is just like any other page, you can just change the custom field and your done. It is that easy!

Reason # 2 for a Custom Theme

Every time WordPress updates you will not have to worry about your theme breaking because our custom themes use bootstrap (javascript library and a non-WordPress styling grid) and plain basic starter pages as starting points. There is no complicated Framework between your pages and WordPress.

Need to Know More?

Why WordPress?

WordPress is used more than any other content management system on the internet, by far. Almost 25% of all websites  on the internet are WordPress and over half of all blogs and CMS are WordPress. The numbers speak for themselves, and you too can join the winning team!

Themes, what do they do?

With a basic WordPress install you get a couple of  plain themes that give you different styles so not every site looks the same. These themes are rather basic so large developers build Frameworks to add extra functionality and complexity to WordPress. While still other developers build themes using these Frameworks. There are also some designers that will design child themes, which requires the parent theme and its’ Framework.

The Solution

A WordPress website that anyone can update with just one fifteen minute lesson.

The Process

A brief outline of the process that leads to the creation of a custom theme.

When I meet a client to discuss what they are looking for, I ask to see their present content and discuss what their future plans are. After listening to the client, I then make suggestions and see if we agree on the fundamentals. Using emails and dropbox for convience, I will layout a design and a SEO (search engine optimization) strategy for the client. With the client’s approval, only  then can I start to build a custom theme. The theme uses unique templates for most pages, so the client just needs to fill in or change the content in the labelled  field.

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All About Me Chris Scott

The Internet is a big part who I am and what I do. My second computer had a 386 processor and windows 3 had finally arrived! Yes, I am old and proud of it. Remember getting all excited when html 3.2 came out? I do and Lynn, my wife remembers it made at least me excited. Now I design easy to use websites using html 5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3 and Underscores with Wordpress. My other loves are photography and video productions.

I moved to beautiful Kelowna, BC from Regina Sask., some twenty years ago and now call Kelowna my home. In Regina I was a banker, hotel auditor and then moved on to Commercial Property Management.

Finding work in Kelowna was a struggle so I developed skills working in the computer field (A+, iNet+, CIW Master Designer, Google Anylitics, and Hootsuite certified). Worked in computer repair, sales and printer products. I am trying to find my niche here in Kelowna, that makes the best use of my skills.

All I need is a pleasant work environment and I am happy. Working with people that know that the best results come through mutual respect and openness. I am only mentioning this so clients must realize that their website will become the hub of all their marketing and we will all need to work together.

I was installing WordPress websites with themes built by other developers. Now I build my own. Based on the simple idea that clients want to update their content, not design the website was the reason I started
With the help of Photoshop and other Adobe products, I create stunning websites, photos and videos for my clients.

I am looking for a few good clients so I can build them the best websites ever, take beautiful pictures, make videos and get their sites noticed, using SEO practices that work through the long hull.

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