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What is a Custom WordPress Theme?

The simple explanation is, instead of trying to fit your content into a template, I will build you an affordable, responsive WP Theme that is designed specifically for your content and will be search engine friendly. Best of all, it will be easy to use!

# 1 Reason for my Template System

Imagine how easy it will be to update your own content on a template from your own custom page! Simply go to the page you wish to edit in the administration area and just edit the labelled field and your done. It is that easy!

# 2 Reason for my Template System

Every time WordPress & your plugins update, you will not have to worry about your theme breaking. My system uses the newest Bootstrap/Flexbox CSS system and plain basic starter pages as starting points. There is no complicated proprietary PHP Functions Framework to get in the way of your content, and the plugins you want to use. With less code overhead, your site will load super fast!

Need to Know More?

WordPress is used more than any other content management system on the internet, by far. Almost 25% of all websites  on the internet are WordPress and over half of all blogs and CMS are also. The numbers speak for themself, and you too can join the winning team!

With a default WordPress install you’ll get a couple of  plain themes that give you different starting points for your site creation. These are rather basic so large developers build their own Frameworks to add extra functionality and complexity that is needed for users to customize their site. The only problem with this is… all that  functionality adds a large learning curve which most users will not take on. The whole idea of updating their own content is then thrown out the window.

The Solution

A WordPress website that anyone can update with just one fifteen minute lesson.

The Process

A brief outline of the process I use in:  Creating Your Site.

When I meet a client to discuss their website, I ask to see  all of their site content and discuss what their future plans are. Together with the client, I will layout a design to best frame the content. The theme uses unique templates for the pages, so the client just needs to update the content in the labelled  fields. I can add as many custom fields on each custom page as required. This is so much easier for the client to update a page than on a standard WordPress site, especially for the home page.

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All About Me Chris Scott

The Internet is a big part who I am and what I do. I design easy to use, super fast loading WordPress websites using: PHP, HTML5, Bootstrap/Flexbox CSS3, and  a sprinkling of Javascript/jQuery where needed. My other loves are social media, photography and video productions.

I moved to beautiful Kelowna, BC from Regina Sask., some twenty years ago and now call Kelowna my home. In Regina I was a banker, hotel auditor and then moved on to Commercial Property Management.

Finding work in Kelowna was a struggle, so I developed skills working in the computer field (A+, iNet+, Master CIW Designer, Hootsuite, Social Media Management and Google Analytics).


Worked in computer repair, sales and printer products. Now I’ve found my niche in WordPress Development and Social Media Management.

I was installing  & repairing sites built by other developers. Now I build my own. Based on the simple idea that clients want an easier and more productive way to update their site.  Are you looking for a website that you can really update your content yourself? Business owners and staff are just to busy to take on learning a complicated framework.

I am looking for a few good clients so I can—build them the best websites ever. By using beautiful pictures & videos of your products,  sound automation in Social Media and insights used by the industry leaders in SEO: Your search engine ranking will climb, bringing you more business.

Let me set-up a PPC ad campaign on Google and Facebook for you.

I use: WooCommerce
for sites needing to display or sell products, because it looks great and is so easy to use!



Are you ready for the simplest to use WordPress ever?

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